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Would you like to have consistent energy through the day, stop sugar cravings, better sleep, and feel fantastic ?Now you can - A nutrition consultation identifies your personal Health Issues and a diet and supplement program is identifies for you individual needs.Allergy testing, vitamin/mineral screening and organ health analysis included in consultation fees. Testing is carried out using a computerized testing system proven to be 99% accurate.

Did you Know

A study conducted by the university of surrey showed that couples with a previous history of infertility who made changes to their lifestyle , diet and took prescribed nutritional supplements had a 80% success rate.

By making specific dietary changes and supplementing depleted nutrients, positive changes in health are promoted.

Consultation and Tests

In the clinic the diagnostic tests are carried in conjunction with a Nutritional consultation. The results are printed and explained in detail and a specific dietary and supplement plan designed based on the results. With this method all kinds of health issues such as cholesterol, colitis, chronic infections., Irritable bowel, low energy, weight loss etc. have been improved.

Diagnostic Tests

Food Intolerance's - 110 foods

Vitamin & Mineral - 40 nutrients

Body Organs - 24 Vital Organs

Hormone Balance - 39 Hormones

A food Intolerance test and nutrient analysis is carried out at the first consultation, all included in the consultation fee.

Sports Nutrition

A well designed nutrition program is often the critical element missing in any fitness or sports training program. proper attention to your diet and to vitamin and mineral supplementation is a must for people looking to achieve their optimal physical potential. An individual focused nutrition plan can help you :

  • Work 100% of you physical potential in training
  • Achieve body composition goal such as fat loss and muscle gain
  • Improve your metabolism and nutrient absorption
  • Increase energy and reduce muscle fatigue
  • Achieve quality of sleep and positive mental attitude
  • Put your performance on a new plain and protect your future health

Your Nutritionists education in sport nutrition and personal training as well as the nutritionists expertise in the health, fitness and weight loss field gives them the ability to look at each client/athletes individual needs, body composition, personal goals and develop tailored plans that work, Weather you are a beginner or an accomplished sports person, the nutritionist can help you maximize your performance and overall health.

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