New orthodontics clinics now open at Tyrellstown Medical & Dental and also Citywest Medical & Dental. Tax relief is available at the standard rate on orthodontic fees through the med 2 scheme. This means that anyone paying income tax in Ireland can claim a refund of 20% on fees paid. Parents or guardians are allowed to claim a refund for their dependent children. Please ask us for further information. Family discounts are available when several members of the same family attend for treatment.

Our Primacare clinics in Lucan and Citywest have a visiting Specialist Orthodontist,  Dr Máirlín O’Donnell, who provides a complete range of orthodontic treatments in a friendly and relaxed environment for both children and adults.

                                               CAN YOU SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE?

Fancy correcting the appearance of your teeth for a wedding, family occasion or are you just fed up trying to cover your mouth when smiling? If so, then this may be the time to straighten your front teeth and learn to smile with confidence once again!

Having crooked teeth is something that can be quickly and effectively corrected by an Orthodontist and most importantly, your teeth will still look natural when completed. Teeth can be straightened at any age and modern orthodontic braces are much more discreet than ever before. We generally like to demonstrate all the latest techniques for straightening teeth and discuss each of these in detail with you at your first consultation. The duration of your treatment and costs also vary considerably, depending on the complexity and the number of teeth that require correction.

Examples of before & after treated cases in our practice

What we offer:

  • Free consultations  if referred by your dentist (this is refunded to you once you go ahead with any treatment with us)
  • Payments may be made on an interest-free monthly payment plan from as little as €150 per month. Duration of treatment can vary from 4 months to over 2 years.
  • We provide a complete range of modern orthodontic services
  • Friendly practice and convenient times
  • Low visibility braces
  • Fun coloured/glitter removable braces

Phone: 01-2104588 for your FREE consultation

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Orthodontic services are available in the following locations: