Date: 15/10/2013

Subject : Nurse Procedures & Doctors Audit  


Doctor : Dr James Lee 

Month : November 2013


Subject: Nurse Procedures & Doctors Audit - Training video


Dear Doctors & Nurses,

We hope your all keeping well,

At Primacare we are keen to improve our training and on-going communications with everyone in the organisation.

As part of this we are exploring the options of using online video training/tutorials/Briefings and we would welcome your feedback and assistance on this.

Today we wish to cover Nurse Procedures & Doctors Audit and our delivery of this within our primary care network.

Please find attached a short video with some light system training and guidelines.

Please Click or open the Link below:

The Above link shows a Video for Nurse Procedures & Doctor Audit.

These videos are best viewed on a mobile device such as smart phone / Pads / laptop or in a Primacare branch where we have set up a special viewing & listening station - This is normally located in the Nurses Room and is easily identifiable as the computer with the stand alone speakers.

If you are using the Primacare Viewing & Listening Station Please start the local computer and look for an Icon on the desk top marked "Primacare Newsletter" - Do not log unto server as it is not available on your personal user account, only the local Machine.

We appreciate all feedback and would encourage you to complete the following online feedback form:

Thank you again and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Kind regards


Training Department

Primacare Health Professionals


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