Mirena IUCDs and Implanon Devices


The following is a list of Contraceptive Devices that are available in some our primacare facilities. The Free's include the device and the procedure cost.


Device & procedure Fee
Implanon Insertion €100
Implanon Removal €100
Implanon Removal & Insertion (same sitting) €150

Mirena Coil

Device & procedure Fee
Mirena Coil Insertion €100
Mirena Coil Removal €100
Mirena Coil Removal & Insertion (same sitting) €150

Copper Coil

Device & procedure Fee
Copper Coil Insertion €100
Copper Coil Removal €100
Copper Coil Removal & Insertion (same sitting) €150

Where are these Services provided ?

The following locations can provide these services, please call to find out more information or to make an appointment.