Health Screening

A personal health screening or an executive health screening otherwise known as a pre-employment medical will consist of the following: 

Medical History

This would include taking a personal medical history with emphasis on conditions which have led to absence from work in the past. The doctor will also ask about history of medications, allergies and vaccines. The medical would also include a social history and history of hereditary illnesses. 


  • Height weight BMI
  • Ear nose and throat examination
  • Eye exam and vision testing if needed
  • Examination of cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Abdominal examination
  • Urine examination

If needed or requested blood tests can be done for blood count, cholesterol, glucose and immunity to infectious diseases 


A full report will be sent to you if its for a personal Health Screening. If its an Executive Health Screening a full report will be sent to your employer with an opinion as to the fitness of the candidate for employment 

If a company have any other specific requests we will endeavour to facilitate these during the process and report accordingly. 

Health Screening Services are available in the following locations: